COVID Recruitment Support Package


In response to customer demand (as most of you have far less time on your hands) and the continuing increase in candidate applications, Flat Fee Recruiter has evolved its recruitment services throughout COVID and designed a unique COVID Recruitment Support Package.  This is currently available until the 18th December 2020.   

This all-inclusive package gives you full administration, back end support and utilises our skills and knowledge to enable you to focus on only the best candidates from each campaign, in the most time saving and cost-effective way possible.

How Does It Work?  

1. The branded and non-branded COVID Recruitment Support Package has been designed for you at a heavily reduced rate (30% discount) + extra features free of charge. 

2. We will write your advert and publish it across the all the main job board sites including Total Jobs, Jobsite, Reed, Monster, CV Library, LinkedIn, Google etc for 6 weeks! 

3. We will add screening questions to the process and encourage candidates to answer them to help you reduce the numbers to view. 

5. Receive a fully branded careers landing page and applicant recruitment process to ensure a seamless, branded candidate journey and pull all your recruitment efforts into one place. 

6. Daily monitoring and reviewing of your advert campaign is all part of the process to make sure you are getting the quality and volume of applications you need. 

7. We will boost all campaigns midterm with additional networks and social media including Facebook jobs promotion and email alerts to suitable candidates. 

7. You can jump on the simple dashboard to view your shortlist of candidates (you also have full visibility of what is going on 24/7). 

8. You interview the candidates you like and run your own recruitment processes (or you can call on us for more support if you need to). 

9. At the end of your campaign, let us advise unsuccessful candidates of the outcome, to keep your brand positive in the market.  

10. Why not retain some of the good candidates for future recruitment drives if you need to?  GDPR compliance and technology at your fingertips.  


Our Commitment to Recruitment PPE and You!  

Proactivity – Always on top of recruitment campaigns.  We review and manage every campaign, every day.  We proactively boost adverts across social media and other job board networks.  Keep you and your candidates in the loop at every stage with effective communications and technology. 

Productivity – We never stop! Our adverts are written and posted the same day using efficient processes and a fantastic team.  We also work tirelessly to get every advert to the top of each job board search engine.

Expertise – We constantly invest in training and development.  We speak to the job boards daily to keep up to date with all their idiosyncrasies on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), keywords, advert structure and job title information etc, specifically questioning things that will make your adverts better.  We also keep abreast of all the changes in market conditions and hiring tends to ensure we give you the right job board reach, depending on your job, sector and location. 


It’s a no-brainer 

We hope you see the value in this time-limited offer and it helps you hire in a very difficult market.  For more information, please call us today on 0113 322 7243 or email   

You can check out the rates and services here too


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