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All You Need to Know About Job Board Advertising

Recruitment Advertisement
All you Need to Know about Job Board Advertising

Considering the amount of job seekers who search and apply for jobs on online job boards it makes sense that this is where you should advertise your vacancy. But there are so many job boards to choose from and they all claim they are the ‘leading job board in the UK’. As always, we like to share our inside knowledge and this week we’ve compiled a list of all our previous job board blogs in one easy place so you can quickly find the answers to your recruitment advertising questions and increase your knowledge on job board recruitment.  

See our top 7 job board tips here:

1. Job Boards - Back to Basics

Probably your best online recruiting cheat sheet when it comes to understanding what the job board terminology is and understanding a little bit about them

2. Job Board Advertising: Nailed!

How to make job board advertising a success, this article on job board advertising nailed, considers all the factors involved in attracting quality applications to your vacancies.

3. Selecting a Job Board

With an array of job boards to chose from, all offering USPs, services and statistics it can be a difficult decision to decide who to go with. We have put together a 5-step guide to assist your decision making process and everything you need to know when selecting a job board.

4. Optimising Job Board Adverts: Salary

It’s not enough just finding the right job boards for your roles; you need to attract the applicants to apply in the first place. One of the main things to think about here is the salary of your role, it’s not the be all and end all but it does play a significant deciding factor when applicant’s are choosing between two competitive roles.  

5. Optimising Job Board Adverts: Location

Similar to the salary, attracting the right applicants to your role is the aim of the game. One of the biggest oversights of job board advertising is not thinking like a job seeker and not considering the usability of the site. Applicants search by specifying a job title or industry and the location they wish to work in. If your location isn’t right, then your job won’t be seen by top talent.

6. Affiliates and Aggregators Explained

Since job board advertising is the primary means of searching and applying for jobs, job boards have broadened their catchment and improved the relevancy of their applications. They do this by utilising affiliates and aggregators, but what exactly are they and what role do they play in your online recruitment advertising?

7. SEO:  How to get your Job Advert Higher in Job Board Search Results

How do you get your job advert at the top of job board search results?  In this article, we explain how to get high on a job board and ensure that your advert gets seen by the right applicants.  We explain how job board searches work and the best way to keyword a job board advert.

8.  How Flat Fee Recruiter helps you get the most from the Job Boards

A brief explanation about the job boards we use and some of the key information we need to make sure that your advert will perform.


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