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5 Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

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Cover letter mistakes

Writing your cover letter is an important part of the job application process and one that should not be overlooked. If you’ve read How to Write a Cover Letter, this article is the next step – how not to write one! 

Below we’ve listed the top 5 mistakes that job seekers make when compiling their cover letter:

1. Copy and paste

Your cover letter should be tailored per job and as such, you won’t be able to copy and paste from one cover letter to the other. If you do then it will stand out like a sore thumb, your unoriginal content and lack of effort won’t impress the hiring manager. 

2. Not interpreting the job advert

Hand in hand with tailoring your cover letter, it is absolutely essential that you interpret the job advert within it. That is, the employer has already said what they’re looking for – respond to this, treat it as a checklist and make sure you address how you match their requirements. 

3. Making it too long 

Whilst the cover letter gives you a little more room for selling yourself, don’t forget the basics. Your cover letter should be written in a letter style using paragraphs, it should address the hiring manager and be signed off professionally with ‘Yours sincerely’. Try to keep it 1 A4 page but remember that your cover letter will be put into the body of an email rather than as an attachment. 

4. Forgetting the tone

Keep the language professional! You won’t be doing yourself any favours being too informal and colloquial – just like your CV, your cover letter is the first example an employer will see of your communication skills. Be clear and concise and you will be representing yourself well.

5. Don’t proofread

This is such a biggie! This is the first impression an employer has about you – don’t make it sloppy. Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors make you look bad, it suggests you lack attention to detail, have poor written skills and that you don’t really care. You should be putting the effort in your cover letter and showcasing yourself in order to land a job, don’t let something as silly as typos stand in your way.  Check out this article for further information about proofreading.

If you avoid these cover letter mistakes you could be lining yourself up for a fantastic opportunity. So good luck – and don’t forget to proofread!

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