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Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Flat Fee Recruiter Says

It has to be one of the oldest clichés in the English language, whenever we are disappointed with our goods or services, how often does someone say “well, you get what you pay for”.

To a large degree when applied to the everyday products we buy, there is a direct correlation between the cost of a product and its’ longevity or quality, but does this old adage necessarily apply to services we receive?

If we consider the service area of recruitment, we assume that by approaching a “specialist” we will receive a better quality of candidate, or if we approach the “industry leader in their sector”, we will suddenly receive the very “best in class”. For this privileged scenario we will be expected to pay a premium rate base on their salary, but why would someone’s relative worth to you be any different if they earned £20k or £100k? In either case, they are an employee, but consider this…. “How did they acquire the applicant in the first place”?

The reality, unless they are head-hunters, is that the quality of their applicant database is only as good as the message they created to attract them or alternatively, they trawled CV Databases to find them.

Surely as an employer, you would want to create your own message about how attractive your role is, without any dilution to the quality, in a free market if applicants know you are looking then anyone can apply!!

With this in mind FLAT FEE RECRUITER, in this case, our market leading product, offers you the opportunity to advertise your position on a range of leading job boards from £269, irrespective of the salary you are offering! You get to see ALL the applicants, not just the ones your chosen recruiter thinks it best that you see! You get to agree on the content of the advert, we give you access to the online system, you get the chance to interview whoever you deem suitable, YOU OWN THE PROCESS.

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