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Recruitment Case Study: Spotlight On Ennis-Flint

Flat Fee Recruiter Says

We’ve been speaking to the HR Manager of Ennis-Flint, a worldwide leader in the traffic safety and pavement marking industry, asking what she thinks of the Flat Fee Recruiter service and how it has changed the way Ennis-Flint recruit.

The Challenge

Before using the Flat Fee Recruiter service, Ennis-Flint had been using single job board advertising and the local job centre to recruit for their positions, but they found that recruiting in such a way was limiting the quality of applicants that applied.

The Solution

Upon searching for an alternative way to recruit, Ennis-Flint now advertise all their vacancies with Flat Fee Recruiter and we’re delighted to relay the success this has generated for their recruitment:

Our online recruitment advertising service comprises of: a professionally copywritten and key worded advert, the job role posting on 30+ general, specialist and regional job boards, free access to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and ongoing monitoring of your advert to make sure it performs, attracting the right quantity and quality of applicants.

Ennis-Flint say what is attractive about Flat Fee Recruiter is the ease at which they can place a job advertisement with us and with the full service we provide. When asked what they liked in particular about our service she said:

Knowing I can just send you the job description and you will sort everything i.e. writing the advert quickly and efficiently and getting the job posted usually the same day.  Having access to the online portal makes it easier as the applications are all in one place instead of them clogging up my mailbox.  Also the fixed price which gives me greater flexibility with my budget.  Also having [Ryan, Account Manager] as my contact is great, I find you very helpful, you always respond to my queries quickly and efficiently and also the way you follow up the service to ensure we are attracting the right people for the roles we advertise with you.

- HR Manager, Ennis-Flint

The Future

We’re delighted to say Ennis-Flint’s future recruitment plans involve Flat Fee Recruiter. We’re really pleased we are able to provide a cost effective and successful recruitment advertising service to them.

If you would like to see what our clients say about our service please visit our testimonials page.

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