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10 Tips to Use Twitter to Recruit

Social & Mobile Recruiting
10 Tips to use Twitter to Recruit
With a growing number of people searching for job opportunities online and using social media, it is an ever-increasing necessity to be utilising social media in your recruitment strategy. In this week’s blog, we discuss how to utilise Twitter in your social recruitment strategy.
1. Best Times to Post
95% of social media applications are made within the first 7 days of the role being live. To ensure your Tweet is seen by the maximum number of the most relevant people, ensure your role is posted at a peak time when most of your target audience is online. (Next month we will be talking about useful tools to help you do this)
2. Lists
Keep track of your potential applicants by utilising the List feature on Twitter, you can save all the relevant & interesting twitter accounts in one place and you can also use this tool to target and find the most relevant potential applicants possible.
3. 80:20 rule
Twitter works best when companies observe the 80:20 rule. In the case of recruitment, that would be 20% of content being job posts and 80% of content being of relevant, interesting and quality content that will encourage your target audience to engage with you. Information relating to your business, culture, job market and industry are good places to start
4. Application Process
To ensure the best applicant response rate you need an easy application process that won’t deter applicants. It is always best to test your application process and remember that for social media most applicants will use a mobile device so make sure your role is accessible & easy to apply from a number of devices.
5. #Hire
Use relevant hashtags when tweeting about your #jobs so applicants know you’re #hiring and your role can be “favourite” and “retweeted” to broaden your catchment and send the job viral.
6. Content/Keyword
Since you only have 40 characters in which to quickly sell your role and attract top talent, think about keywording your status to job title, industry, location and of course, adhering to point 5.
7. Integrate other Social Media
Further, broaden your catchment by integrating your social media accounts, so your Twitter promotes your Facebook & LinkedIn and vice versa.
8. Best Sectors
Research what industry sectors work well on which social platforms. Some industries and sectors work better on social media than others, jobs where a potential applicant has a lot of online presence i.e. Marketing or IT sectors are more likely to appeal to these candidates.
9. Visually Stimulating
Make your ad stand out by adding visually stimulating images/videos that highlight the benefits of working for your organisation.
10. Automate
Social media can be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of vacancies to post.  There are bits of kit available that can plug into your recruitment processes and automate, schedule and take your jobs mobile.  Don’t forget to bookmark this space because next month we will be talking about tools for Twitter and social recruiting. Recruiting on Twitter can be really effective when utilised correctly and with the ever-increasing role of mobile and social media in the 21st century it is essential to gear your recruitment campaign towards current applicant behaviour and activity. For recruitment tips on how to recruit using LinkedIn see our previous blog here. For tips on recruiting applications, tools and via Facebook, keep an eye on our blog for future posts. If you liked this, you may also like these recruitment hints and tips
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