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How Does Your Advert Get The Love it Deserves?

Recruitment Advertisement

The Best Job Advert

Here at Flat Fee Recruiter, we pride ourselves on making your job adverts get the best possible results.

We have built very strong relationships with our job board partners and talk to them every day about the performance of your adverts.

So, we thought we would update you with some key information to show you how we are able to get the best out of the job boards and equally how you can get the right candidates applying for your job. 


Where do we advertise?

First things first, where will your advert be placed? Flat Fee Recruiter advertises on what we call “The Big 5” and when we say this, we are referring to Monster, Career Builder, Fish4, Total Jobs and Jobsite. We have carefully chosen these select 5 job boards based on their regional and sector scope as well as making sure we pick the job boards with the most varied marketing strategies so that they appeal to the most candidates as possible. 

Additionally, we also take charge of the social media side of it and advertise your role on our Twitter page, we ensure to do our research here and find out what potential candidates within this sector might be searching for when it comes to social media, we jump on that particular bandwagon, and there you go, your advert is up for grabs in the social media world!


What Jobs can you advertise online?

We frequently get asked to write adverts for pretty niche jobs, ones that some of us have never heard of. This is no hurdle for us, to ensure we nail your advert for you, regardless if you are recruiting for a “Cheese Sprayer” we will ensure to do tonnes of research into it from the most popular and searched for job titles to relevant keywords, reviewing your competition and the best type of advert to attract the candidates you want.  In essence, we become experts on your role and by the way, this is all included in the flat fee no hidden costs from £269 + VAT.


Why is the job title important in an advert?

The job title is imperative to ensure your job is searchable on the job boards. If you are not entirely sure what the title is going to be, then that’s where you can come to us, as continued research we will not only do online reviews but we will also frequently speak to our Account Managers at the job boards to find out what they think too.


Should I include a salary on my job adverts?

Some potential candidates may search for vacancies based on the salary parameters, even though it may not been shown in the advert – this is your choice, the job boards still need to know the parameter so they can assist candidates when they are searching for jobs.  If you want your salary to remain hidden then this is OK, but be sure to let us know the minimum and the maximum that the full package commands so that you reach your talent.


How do I get my Job to the top of search results?

Making sure that your advert is at the top of job board searches is paramount to attracting the right applicants and there are some tricks of the trade that will ensure that this happens such as:  Where to put your keywords and how many to use to ensure maximum optimisation.  It’s not a question of stuffing an advert with your keywords, just like Google’s algorithm, the job boards operate will penalise your advert if it is deemed to be “spammy” too.


How do I know internet job advert will work?

Our advice and opinion is only half of the game, at the end of the day we are representing your brand and your recruitment process so it is vital that you are happy with anything that we do and we will not publish anything without your approval.  You are the customer and this is something that we never forget.  Our main mission is to ensure that you get the quality applicants you need so that you can fill your vacancy.  

Managing your expectations

Obviously, some adverts will generate hundreds of applicants whereas others may attract only a handful.  This is due to tonnes of factors from; the amount of available talent available, what you are paying to where you are based.  For example, an Administrator job paying £25k per annum in Leeds city centre will generate almost 50x more applicants than an RGN nurse in mid-Wales paying £9.50 per hour.  

In every circumstance, we will advise you before you post your advert and give you our best guess (based on previous advert response) on how we think your advert will perform.  

Ongoing review

We will be looking at your advert every few days to make sure that it is performing in line with expectations.  If the advert is not receiving quality candidates then we will flag this, investigate and see what the issue might be. Additionally, if your advert is performing exceptionally well, then we may recommend changing the application settings to "direct apply" to make it that be easier for you to manage your recruitment process and candidates. 

We hope that this gives you a little bit of insight into how we give a bit of love to your adverts and help you in attracting the right applicants to your company. 

If you want to discuss anything about your vacancy please just get in touch with us on 0113 322 7243 or for some more information about job boards please read our previous post

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