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Recruitment Advertising with Flat Fee Recruiter

Flat Fee Recruiter Says
Recruitment Advertising with Flat Fee Recruiter

As a Recruitment Advertising Service; Flat Fee Recruiter is focused on making you as smart and thrifty in your recruitment as possible!  We want to make sure that your adverts are seen by all the right people and your recruitment process is affordable, quicker and easier than ever before. We have a highly skilled team in the office who specialise in all the different parts of this process, to make sure that you get the best value for your pound.  

What can you expect From the Flat Fee Recruiter low-cost recruitment service?

1. Wider Access to Job Seekers

Advertising on one or two job websites doesn’t cut it anymore, trust us we did a lot of research on this. Our findings revealed that job seekers now turn to 9+ job sites when they are looking for a new job.

But we don’t want to mindlessly just widen our catchment; we want to make sure we get the right quality of applicants too. That means we do a lot of job board research to make sure they perform and provide results in both quality and quantity of job seekers.

So, to improve your access to top talent and be your own recruitment genius we advertise your job on 30+ leading job websites including Total Jobs, Monster, Fish4, Indeed and Career Builder and some other sector-specific and regional websites too (for extra job seeker relevancy).

2. Top of the Job Board Websites

Ever wondered how you get to the top of job sites? We did...and we have built our flat fee recruitment business on this principle!  Our Recruitment SEO team will write you a job advert that will be seen by more job seekers than ever.  According to the job boards - we have at least 50%+ more traffic than direct advertisers! 

Not only will your copy-written advert be optimised for job sites i.e. it will be keyworded, relevant and attractive, it’ll also meet all the legal regulations & stuff that you probably hadn’t thought of.

3. Speedy Turn-around

We understand that sometimes you need to fill a role quickly. That’s why we have a service commitment of 4 hours to get your advert written and then 1 hour to post it (once you give the green light).  Yep, your campaign can be written and published online the very same day with zero effort from you!  Check out more info on how we can reduce your time to hire.

4. One Point of Contact

Whilst we have people working like busy bees behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly for you, you only deal with one person – your Account Manager. They’re there to guide you through the campaign and make sure that you’re happy.

They will monitor your campaign throughout the 28 days that it’s live and make sure that the response is as expected (and not bug you too much) but they will make sure that you have a nice selection of people to take to interview.

5. CV Management – Hallelujah!

We’ve simplified our application process to make life easier for everyone. All CVs come into our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – there’s no cluttered inboxes or spreadsheets. You just log in to the system and view your applications and move them around between stages like Shortlist or Arrange 1st Interview.

Most of our customers pick up the recruitment software platform really quickly, however, full system training can also be provided should you need it.  By the way, you can also export, print and download each CV too if it makes it easier. Oh – and all the CVs are yours.  No one else gets access to them and you can even communicate directly with candidates en-mass through the Applicant Tracking System (Mr FFATS).

If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it just get in touch on 0113 322 7243 and speak to one of the team. Or you can post a job directly here and we’ll pick it up for you and get cracking.

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