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82% of Customers Fill their Job in 8 Weeks for £199

We are really excited to be launching our new survey results.  We ask every single customer to complete our online survey after their advert campaign has finished and we are blushing about the overwhelming results.

Everyone that completed the survey was 100% positive about the experience, the service and their commitment to using us again.  Now, we think that it's probably a little bit too good to be true...

Although 21% of our customers have completed the survey, we wouldn't be human if there wasn't one customer (out of the thousands of customers we work with) who was less positive and hasn't filled out the survey.  Even so, we still think it is something to celebrate as we measure our customer satisfaction consistently!

We have spent the last 12 months working really hard to make our service the best that we can possibly deliver.  The feedback we receive from our customers when we speak to them also backs up our survey results, as they tell us that we are; more approachable and put more effort into making their adverts work than any of our competitors, which is why they choose to stick with us.

Since last year's survey, there is also an increase to 82% in the number of customers who have filled their jobs in 8 weeks.  This instils additional confidence that our job board distribution and our focus on training in-house, ensures our customers really do get the best out of online job board advertising.

Did we also mention that we did some further number crunching last week? We found out that Flat Fee Recruiter generates at least five times more applications than the average response of just one job board?

So, if you haven’t used us before, perhaps it is time to get in touch and see if you agree with the majority of our customers... we would love to hear from you and help you attract talent to your company in the most affordable and effective way possible.


Five Times more Job Applications with the Job Boards

Getting a healthy response to any recruitment advertising campaign is essential if you are going to have a good selection of candidates to interview.   

We are frequently told, from the job boards themselves, that we generate a higher than average response rate for all their job sectors.  This is great news as we heavily invest in training and developing our team to ensure that every advert is written to the highest standard and stands the best chance of being found by the target applicants.  After all, it is what you are paying for and what we do day in day out.

In addition to making sure your adverts perform, getting the best reach through a wide job board distribution is essential if you are to get the most out of the job boards.  As we previously mentioned, each job board markets to the applicants slightly differently and our mix of the big 5, ensures that you get the widest spread possible.

So, we have talked about the quantity, but what about the quality?  For most SME businesses, if you had to wade through 205 customer service responses, you would probably be pulling your hair out?  We get this, which is why we have developed our recruitment tech to help you.  We all know that there needs to be some human intervention in recruitment, but by reducing the number of applications with a self-screening process, means that you only get to review the applicants who meet your essential criteria.

Finally, we are really keen to make sure that we manage your expectations.  In some situations, relying 100% on job board advertising to fill your vacancies is not the best approach.  The most sensible recruitment strategies will use job boards as part of their recruitment and attraction activity.  If you are looking for a pink unicorn, you will probably need to have a whole suite of recruitment tools up your sleeve to ensure you find them.  If you are fishing in a skills shortage market and not paying an attractive salary or offering a reason for them to choose your company, you will struggle to find the best people regardless of your recruitment strategy and where you advertise.  But, for all of our customers, we will be honest and tell you it, as it is.  

Our promise to you? We will do our best to help your advert perform and work towards achieving the best application rates possible from a wide selection of job boards.

Our last survey shows that 100% of our customers were positive about their experience with us - let the numbers speak for themselves!

Not tried us yet?  Why not get in touch or post your job today to see how affordable and effective recruitment really can be? 

Recruitment at Buy Yorkshire 2017 - Live Blog


We hope you have enjoyed reading this page throughout the Buy Yorkshire 2017 event as it took place? 

We are chalking up this event as one of the best we have exhibited for a while, how did you get on?

Although we are exhausted (& have now got flat feet), we enjoyed it on so many levels but mainly because we got to talk to so many amazing and interesting people like you!

So, onto what you have all been waiting for…The Flat Fee Recruiter Raffle!  Your chance to win the rather classy and expensive bottle of red in the box!

Have you got your raffle ticket at the ready?  Find out who has won in the video below <Drum roll please….>



Congratulations - Your boxed bottle of wine is on its way!  

We would just like to say huge thanks to everyone for spending the time with us - we hope it's the start of a beautiful relationship!


Speak soon

Sarah, Chris and Cameron

Love is in the Air

In case it missed you, we are now in the season of romance, love and all things mushy and over the years we have written lots of content about love and especially love within the applicant process.  To tie it all together, we thought it would be a good idea to put all our favourite love letters in one place and you can see a list of these below.

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We think you are Awesome

There is nothing more rewarding at work that hearing from a customer who is really happy with a service you have delivered.  One of the reasons the team at Flat Fee Recruiter love working here, is that sense of reward and the belief that what they provide really is a "no brainer".

When you consider the large number of customers that Flat Fee Recruiter services every day; writing adverts, posting their adverts and then helping to make to make their talent flow as efficient as possible, you would expect a small percentage of them to be just a little bit unhappy (we are in the recruitment industry after all).  But with 100% of customers saying that our service is good or excellent in the last 3 months… we hardly ever hear a bad word.

Now, we are not saying we are perfect and of course, in some cases a customer may not have been able to fill their job via the job board advertising service we provide (72% of customers do).  But, by being honest & realistic from the outset and providing the best service we can, to support their advertising campaigns, our customers remain loyal and our referral rate continues to rise (check out what they say here), not to mention that we feel great too.

So, we would just like to send a bit of love to all our customers, thank them all for being so great and let them know how much we appreciate their business.  After all, we wouldn’t be in business without you!  Thanks heaps everyone x