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Do You Need Luck in Recruitment?

Is there luck in recruitment?

Whether you are superstitious or not, you should never be unlucky in your recruitment!  

It may feel a bit like luck when hiring people - after all, you are relying on the right person at the right time – a bit like a love match.  However, at Flat Fee Recruiter, we do our best to remove all the luck out of recruitment advertising and concentrate on what we can influence and control.   

Whether its Friday 13th or not, it is our job to make sure that every recruitment advertising campaign has the red-carpet treatment and therefore has the best chance of succeeding - so that you can hire with ease and efficiency.

So, is there luck in recruitment?  Here are our top 10 facts that ensures you hire and removes the luck out of recruitment:

1. We will give you our honest feedback on the expected results - before you post your vacancy 

2. By advertising on multiple job boards and through Flat Fee Recruiter you will get 5 - 8 times as many applicants, than if you DIY on just one job board

3. We have highly trained in-house copywriters who speak to the job boards daily, are immersed in the job market and can make your advert stand out in the crowds 

4. Various mobile friendly “apply” processes ensure that you control the quality and quantity of candidates

5. Dedicated careers landing pages for every vacancy, which you can use to extend your reach even further

6. Additional advertising reach with sites such as Reed, CV library and Flat Fee Recruiter jobs

7. A dedicated Account Manager who will be all over your vacancy to make sure it is performing on the job boards

8. Free to use Applicant Tracking System which means you can measure the ROI per job board, send communication emails and keep all your data GDPR compliant

9. Extra social media coverage with job cards to push your advert out to the passive audience

10. Option for fully branded campaigns so you can develop your employer brand


Want to test the theory?  Just get in touch and see what a difference Flat Fee Recruiter can make to your budget, results and team – Believe us, you don’t need luck when you have us on side!

Stress Awareness 2018 - What can the employer do?

reduce stress at work 2018 calender

Stress awareness month has been going since 1992 and a great time for employers to look inwards to their organisations and do a bit of a health check on the existing staff members.

Keeping your staff has got to be good for business and of course, it will reduce your overall recruitment spend (which is what we like to hear)!  There are many sources online to help you find ways to help reduce the stress in the workplace, but we like to share some stress-busting dates for this year, to help you and your teams lighten the atmosphere a little. 

6th April 2018 - Walk to Work Day

A great start to the stress-busting month!  Physical exercise does tonnes to improve our physical and mental health!  Celebrate the day with your team - Enthuse and initiate walking to work for just one day - if people live a  bit too far to walk, why not leave the cars a few miles away and join up together to march in together? 

18th May 2018 – Bike to Work Day

Another fitness day that the whole company can get involved with - and you may even start some new habits!  Why not check out the Government's cycle to work scheme to encourage them to get a bit more serious. 

5th June 2018 – Leave the Office Early Day

Do you need any more excuses to leave work early and go and do something for yourself?  Encourage your team to take advantage of this day with the rest of the country.  With a bit of planning anything is possible!

22nd June 2018 – Take your Dog to Work Day

Totally pawsome!  Research has shown that animals at work can help reduce stress in the office.  We love having our Oscar in!

10th October 2018 – World Mental Health Day

A great day to bring mental health to the forefront in your organisation.  There are lots of tips on the internet to bring this day to life at work and help reduce stress at the same time!

7th November 2018 – National Stress Awareness Day

We have another day in the year to think about stress! Use it to re-group and do something stress-busting!


Putting stress relieving at the forefront of your day, for yourself and your staff, can only be a good thing.  If none of these work for your company, why not create your own?  What about "take a walk with nature day", "turn off your phone day" or "get a good nights sleep eve"  

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What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

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What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

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