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Age Cymru Swansea Bay - Case Study

Age Cymru Swansea Bay Recruitment Case Study

“We used to spend lots of money in the local evening post and with recruitment agencies, but this was very expensive and for not much reward.  Then we met Flat Fee Recruiter who has proved that online recruitment advertising can work”

The team at Age Cymru Swansea Bay (Age UK) have worked with Flat Fee Recruiter since March 2016 and have provided a recruitment advertising service for a wide range of roles including Administration, Compliance, Information Brokers, Benefits Officers and Co-ordinators both part time and full time. 

With such a wide range of roles to manage, the previous recruitment strategy was to use the local press and recruitment agencies.  However, with continuing cuts from the government and budgets really struggling, relying on these expensive methods fill all their roles was proving to be financially stretching. 

Since helping Age Cymru to attract talent from the internet to most of their vacancies, they have seen a significant reduction in recruitment costs.  With the extra support that Flat Fee Recruiter also provides such drafting web friendly adverts and fitting into their existing recruitment processes, the administrative burden has not increased for them either. 

The Chief Executive Officer is really pleased that online recruitment is proving to be working for them!

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GDPR - Myth Busters About Email

GPDR Myth Busters about emailing and marketing

Since May 25th, many more people are taking an active interest in how GDPR affects their personal data.  This is great for achieving some of the GDPR objectives, but we are not alone in experiencing an incredible amount of confusion from companies about marketing, recruitment and consent.  

There have been a few small changes as to how we do things at Flat Fee Recruiter, in light of the new regulation, most of our processes were already in line with GDPR.  To help you understand more about GDPR and emailing / marketing, we hope these common myths and the explanations will help you.


MYTH 1:  Companies must get your consent to send you emails

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Do You Need Luck in Recruitment?

Is there luck in recruitment?

Whether you are superstitious or not, you should never be unlucky in your recruitment!  

It may feel a bit like luck when hiring people - after all, you are relying on the right person at the right time – a bit like a love match.  However, at Flat Fee Recruiter, we do our best to remove all the luck out of recruitment advertising and concentrate on what we can influence and control.   

Whether its Friday 13th or not, it is our job to make sure that every recruitment advertising campaign has the red-carpet treatment and therefore has the best chance of succeeding - so that you can hire with ease and efficiency.

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Stress Awareness 2018 - What can the employer do?

reduce stress at work 2018 calender

Stress awareness month has been going since 1992 and a great time for employers to look inwards to their organisations and do a bit of a health check on the existing staff members.

Keeping your staff has got to be good for business and of course, it will reduce your overall recruitment spend (which is what we like to hear)!  There are many sources online to help you find ways to help reduce the stress in the workplace, but we like to share some stress-busting dates for this year, to help you and your teams lighten the atmosphere a little. 

6th April 2018 - Walk to Work Day

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5 Farewell Flat Fee Recruitment Tips

Flat Fee Recruitment tips

Farewell folks!

The very word and meaning of “goodbye” is by far my least favourite term in the English language, which is why I prefer ‘farewell’.

In a picture-perfect world, the idea of goodbyes would not exist, and we could all gladly move on with our lives without any goodbyes ever needing to be said. But alas, that is not the world we live in! As many of you are aware, I have taken a new opportunity, closer to home in Harrogate and whilst I am excited about this new chapter, it is never nice having to say farewell to fantastic clients and my wonderful team. 

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