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Be friendly.

Refer a client and you will both get a free upgrade.

Recommend a friend and upgrade your campaigns.

Do you work with businesses that could benefit from Flat Fee Recruiter’s services?

You and them will receive a free campaign upgrade when you make a successful referral.

This could mean an enhanced job advert with added branding, an extended campaign across extra job boards or promotion of the role across social media – all for no extra cost.

Fill in the form below to recommend a friend and benefit from campaign enhancements at no extra charge.


How it Works

1. You fill in the form

Refer a friend image of laptop
You can let a colleague or contact know about Flat Fee Recruiter’s fantastic service by filling in the form below.

2. We say hello

Refer a friend hello
We will contact your referral and, if they choose to work with us, their campaign will automatically be upgraded.

3. Everyone saves!

Refer a friend and save money
Plus, next time you advertise a role with Flat Fee Recruiter, your campaign will be upgraded too!

Spread the love today.

We will send a confirmation email very soon.