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Hat Trick Offer

The sun and winning the cricket world cup has got us all a bit giddy and we are practically giving away adverts!

The Hat Trick Offer:

For every 2 campaigns you buy, you can get the third one at half price!  Yes, that's right, buy two campaigns and get your third half price!  An absolute belter of deal! 

It doesn't matter which package or job board selection you go for, this crazy deal applies to ALL campaigns and if you buy 5 advert campaigns, you get your 6th free!

As an added couple of bonuses, you will also get your branding included and a tailored Facebook Jobs campaign.

The job boards included are:


Bit more info:

  • The offer is running until the end of the cricket season (26th September 2019)
  • You can use your credits any time within 12 months of purchase
  • You can purchase an unlimited number of credits within the offer period


Get the leading edge over your competitors and advertise in all the best places for even less!  Just give Paula or Alex a call today on 0113 322 7243 or email your job details to  

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CV Screening Service

Online job board advertising is one of the most successful methods that companies use to find great talent for their vacancies.  Nearly all job seekers are registered with at least one job board site and 50% of people looking for jobs will start their search in google (which is where many of the job boards advertise).

As an employer, if you choose to engage the services of Flat Fee Recruiter, then you can be assured that your adverts will reach pretty much all the available job seekers within your market.  One downside to this, is that you could end up with lots and lots of CV’s to wade through, especially if you are recruiting for something that will demand a high return.  Nice problem to have if you have the time to screen them all.

But we guess like many of our customers, time is one resource that you are probably lean on.  Therefore, we have a two-pronged strategy to help you deal with this…

1. Firstly, we have a really clever dashboard that allows us to put specific killer questions into each campaign for you.  This is all included in the standard price and all you need to tell us is what are the most important questions you want answers for.  If a candidate doesn’t give the right answer, then the software will automatically put them into a folder marked “fail”.


2. The second option (which is an added extra) is a manual CV screening service.  Again, all you need to do is give your Account Manager up to 3 screening criteria and our fully trained researchers will manually look at every CV and shortlist the best candidates for you.  Enabling you to quickly look at the hand-picked shortlist and make your selection for interview.  Quickly.


All our services and extra advertising reach can be added on at any time throughout your campaign.  At the end of the day, we want you to find the ideal candidate in the most cost-effective way and only pay for services that will benefit you.  

Most companies use the manual CV screening service when they expect a high volume of applicants.  We can give you some idea of the expected numbers of candidates you are likely to generate from your advertising campaign, but it will be determined by the market, what salary you pay, what you call the job, where you are based and what expectations (skill level) you require.  Our job is to give you the best advice on how to attract those candidates and then support you with what you need when you need it. 

If you want to chat through this (or any other service) a bit more, then please get in touch, we are here to answer all your questions.

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Online Recruitment Meme


We love memes at Flat Fee Recruiter, after all, a picture says a thousand words and sometimes we can't resist making them up to show the lighter side of a point. 

Here are some of the favourites, from the team, over the last few months...











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