Should you Advertise Jobs in December 2020?

advertise jobs in December

We all agree that this year has been difficult because of COVID-19 and it is easy to focus on the negative when so much has changed.

Just like all business decisions in this market, hiring decisions have been extremely tough to make over the last 9 months.  From expansion to bust, growth to furlough, office to home…

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Free Advertising for the Engineering Sector - COVID-19

As the country slowly returns to work, we are offering our online job advertising service, to help support the UK engineering industry, at a super low-cost!

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COVID Recruitment Support Package


In response to customer demand (as most of you have far less time on your hands) and the continuing increase in candidate applications, Flat Fee Recruiter has evolved its recruitment services throughout COVID and designed a unique COVID Recruitment Support Package.  This is currently available until the 18th December 2020.   

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COVID-19 and the Impact on Recruiting

It's no surprise that COVID-19 continues to impact recruitment and employment. But there has never been a better time to hire...

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PROTECT YOUR BRAND! Branded Adverts and Clear Communication


Protecting your brand has never been so important!

In this crazy world we now find ourselves in, never has there been a time when looking after customers has been as important.

The recruitment process within most businesses is probably the last place you think of when you think of customers, but we believe that anyone who touches your brand has the potential to influence the decision on whether a customer buys from you again, or not.

Not to mention that branding can attract better candidates! 

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