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Where is the best place to advertise a job for free?

Marketing your Jobs

Recruitment needn’t be expensive. When looking for new staff, there are many low cost and even no cost options for promoting your vacancy. Before spending thousands of pounds on agency fees, its worth considering the following alternatives…

Best places to advertise your jobs for free 1. Your Website Advertising jobs on your own website is often overlooked, especially by smaller businesses. But did you know that 84% of candidates will check out your website when applying for jobs? Your company will almost certainly have some presence on Google, why not use this to your advantage and tell your story? You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. And your jobs may even get picked up by a job board aggregator too (more about these in a bit). 2. Your Intranet/Notice Board/Shop Window/Newsletter Referrals, word of mouth, employee incentives… get it all going on! Shout about the great opportunities internally on all the relevant touch points you have. The most successful hires come from internal referrals, and you probably have plenty of places to communicate with your staff and advertise your jobs for free. 3. Social Media Tweet your jobs, publish your jobs on LinkedIn and Facebook and then get your staff to share them, take pictures on Instagram or talk about them on TikTok! Seek referrals from word of mouth in their social space too. Find out where do your existing employees spend their time networking and concentrate your efforts on these sites. People know people like themselves… use this to your advantage! 4. Free Websites There are plenty of free job websites. You can’t technically post to a job aggregator, but many will pick your jobs up from your website if you ask them. Some major boards like Indeed and Adzuna currently allow companies to advertise jobs for free. However, be aware that these sites change their charging policies all the time. Many are building their traffic by offering free online job posting, but this will inevitably change the more popular they get or the more you use them. 5. Universal Job Match / Job Centre Yawning? Don’t! Some jobs work wonders on the Job Centre and in some cases this is one of the best places to recruit people for free. One thing you may want to consider when using the job centre is using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). A common issue with using the job centre is the volume of time wasters – this is usually because they need to prove they have been looking for work. An ATS will help you filter these people out quickly and ear mark re-offenders. Top places to advertise your jobs at the lowest cost first 6. Flat Fee Recruiter Well we had to feature on the list, didn’t we? We believe that Flat Fee Recruiter is the next best alternative to free recruitment advertising. Your free resources should generate you between 5-10% of your hires. You could be generating 80% of your hires for as little as £299. Also, consider the amount of administration required to advertise: writing, posting, dealing with candidate enquiries etc. Advertising on both your free and paid for sites will eat into your time… finding a supplier like FFR, who can do all this for you, for a low cost, really is a no brainer!

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