Age Cymru Swansea Bay Recruitment Case Study

“We used to spend lots of money in the local evening post and with recruitment agencies, but this was very expensive and for not much reward.  Then we met Flat Fee Recruiter who has proved that online recruitment advertising can work”

The team at Age Cymru Swansea Bay (Age UK) have worked with Flat Fee Recruiter since March 2016 and have provided a recruitment advertising service for a wide range of roles including Administration, Compliance, Information Brokers, Benefits Officers and Co-ordinators both part time and full time. 

With such a wide range of roles to manage, the previous recruitment strategy was to use the local press and recruitment agencies.  However, with continuing cuts from the government and budgets really struggling, relying on these expensive methods fill all their roles was proving to be financially stretching. 

Since helping Age Cymru to attract talent from the internet to most of their vacancies, they have seen a significant reduction in recruitment costs.  With the extra support that Flat Fee Recruiter also provides such drafting web friendly adverts and fitting into their existing recruitment processes, the administrative burden has not increased for them either. 

The Chief Executive Officer is really pleased that online recruitment is proving to be working for them!

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