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Case Study

The Challenge:

The Italian owned paper cup manufacturer Benders, went through some substantial changes.  With more people to hire, getting their recruitment strategy right became a top priority and a complete overhaul was needed from attraction through to onboarding.

Recruitment was more about the convenience where word of mouth and recruitment agencies were the primary talent attraction methods.  Due to the costs associated with recruitment agencies, it was established that this was no longer a sustainable approach.

The Solution:

The fab HR Manager, Lisa Bellis had used Flat Fee Recruiter with a previous company and was keen to involve the fixed fee recruiter in their new recruitment strategy.  The goals were to drive down costs, attract better talent and be in greater control of their hiring decisions.

Upon advertising their first vacancy with Flat Fee Recruiter, Benders attracted over 250 applicants and quickly got to grips with the Applicant Tracking System to enable them to filter and process the CV’s quickly.

Lisa (who does not like being bombarded by CV ‘s) explained “The system is really user-friendly, allowing me to look at CV’s in my own time.  The “killer questions” I add to the recruitment campaigns means that I can quickly filter candidates and move them through a variety of distinct stages.  The flexibility of emailing and printing CV’s also means that I can work the way my hiring managers like to work too”

Lisa also went on to explain that the ability to store notes against each candidate on reasons for rejection and even identifying those candidates who did not turn up for interview was an added bonus as she can quickly put her finger on the relevant data should she be challenged.

The Results:

Over the last 15 months, Flat Fee Recruiter has supported Benders in all their recruitment from Engineers, production and design roles.  With their latest campaign, Benders had 8 positions to fill within production.  Following the strategy developed for previous campaigns, Lisa was able to fill all the positions from internal promotions and the Flat Fee Recruiter advertising solution.  She was even able to use some of those candidates to fill the gaps left by those being promoted.  All from one campaign.

Benders hired 6 people from a single campaign costing £249, which equates to £41 per hire.  Had they used a recruitment agency to fill these roles it would have cost them in excess of £20,000.

The Future:

The race for 100% recycled paper cups is on!  The company is investing in development and are very close to the finishing line.  With a robust and effective recruitment model that can flex with the peaks and troughs required from a growing and successful manufacturing company, Flat Fee Recruiter are really looking forward to the future with Benders!

HRD, Benders

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