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Reporting and professional hiring insights.

Don’t leave the success of your recruitment strategy to chance.


Add to any campaign, at any time, to improve your ratios.

Our in-depth reporting function will provide you with the complete statistical run-down of your campaign and offer advice on how to get the most from your adverts.

At the close of a campaign, we are happy to provide you with full reports featuring key recruiting insights.

Based on this information we will also be able to provide tailored recommendations.  This way we can help ensure that your future hiring campaigns achieve their full potential.

Statistics and insights.

Source of applications.
Cost per application (CPA).
Cost per hire (CPH).
Screen: Interview ratio.
Interview: Hire ratio.

Job seeker survey insights.

We have been monitoring candidate and job seeker behaviour for years. This allows us to really understand how best to promote jobs and process applications. Why not delve deeper into the candidates mind in our survey section.

reporting and hiring insights

Branded Vacancy Landing Page.

Branded Job Board Profiles
Your unique branded job landing page and joined up applicant journey.


Dedicated Account Manager.

Always at the end of a phone or email. Personal support throughout your campaign when you need it.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Your go-to dashboard for all your hiring managers. Easy to process applications and engage with candidates.