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Recruiting is hard. Really hard.  Unless you have the right tools and support...

In this article we answer the question:

What are the best job recruitment websites?
What is Monster Recruiter?
Why should we advertise on Monster Recruiter?
How much does it cost to advertise on Monster Recruiter UK?

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Supporting Education Recruitment through COVID-19


The offer:

  • With every Education Advertising Campaign your advert will be published on The Guardian Jobs, Education Jobs, CV Library, Reed, Total Jobs, Jobsite, Monster, LinkedIn, Google Jobs + many more for just £349 +VAT
  • Just send us your job advert (or job description and let us write the advert for you)
  • Let us publish it live on all the above job board sites
  • Direct the candidates to your own online system or into our recruitment system - your choice
  • You interview the candidates and hire them in your usual way
  • If you buy 3 advert credits or more get a further 20% discount! 


What's the catch?

There is no catch.  Regardless of how many people you hire, you just pay the standard advertising rate of £349 + VAT (usually £399) and let us take care of the admin and posting for you.  At Flat Fee Recruiter, we are doing as much as we can to help the key sectors with their recruitment challenges, as cost-effectively as possible.  Discover other schools and academies that use our online advertising service.


How do I get started?

The quickest way to get cracking is to send the job details/advert to  or call us on 0113 322 7243.  Alternatively, you can use our post a job form 


Please hurry - this offer can only be secured until the 31st January 2021


Thanks for reading and stay safe!


PPC Job Advertising FAQ's


Understanding how the job boards work, charge and operate can be very confusing to many businesses, especially if you are not heavily involved in recruitment advertising.  

At Flat Fee Recruiter, our philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible for you, especially since these sites change all the time.

However, with increasing usage and adoption of Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Applicant (PPA) or even Pay Per Placement (PPP) models, and many of our customers wanting to understand more, we have written this quick FAQ to help.


What sites use PPC model?

The main job sites that Flat Fee Recruiter publishes a PPC model of advertising on are:  Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Reed also provides a PPA model


How does PPC job advertising work?

PPC operates a “sponsored ad” approach.  This means that when you put your advert on the site, you have to set a budget.  This is usually a minimum or maximum amount you want to spend for each click and/or an overall budget and end date.  Some models are more sophisticated than others, but the job board is responsible for driving traffic to your advert by ensuring it is visible in relevant search queries created by the job seeker.  This is usually done by matching keywords in your advert and displaying it in relevant searches.


How much does PPC job advertising cost?

Usually, you agree to pay an amount (budget) that will correspond to the number of clicks, prices vary depending on the demand or popularity of the keywords, how long you want to keep it open and how visible you want to be in search results.  Once the budget has been spent, the advert will no longer be visible.  Some job adverts may use the budget in a matter of hours, others will take longer to use it. 


How much does it cost with FFR to operate a PPC campaign?

Flat Fee Recruiter will allocate a budget that you agree to pay.  To keep it simple, and in line with our flat fee approach, we start the flat fee at a cost of £75 +VAT to you.  To cover our administration costs in setting it up and daily management of your PPC campaign, £25 +VAT of the flat fee covers this.  For example, your £75 Indeed budget is allocated as follows: £50 on Indeed PPC advertising and £25 admin fee.  Any additional budget you want to put towards your campaign after the initial £75 flat fee, will incur a charge of 25% of the budget you choose to spend.


How does FFR Manage the PPC budget?

All PPC budgets are reviewed every day by a specialist in the team.  They look at the average cost per click, the numbers of candidates converting to applications and any trends that will help them ensure that your budget goes as far as possible.  If they spot any issues such as an unusually high cost per click etc, they will let you know ASAP and advise you on your options.


I have paid for a PPC campaign and not had any applicants

There are a number of reasons why your recruitment advertising campaign may struggle to attract applications.  This could be due to the job title, the availability of candidates, the salary you are paying, the region you are recruiting for, the economic situation etc.  

With a PPC campaign, you are paying for people to click through to your advert, not to apply for your job.  Therefore, it is really important that the advert we draft for you is as accurate as possible with the right keywords and the best job title to ensure that the site puts your advert in front of the right candidates.  If your PPC advert is not generating the results we would expect, we will be in touch to discuss.


I can advertise on Indeed for free, why would I choose PPC?

If you can get your adverts free on Indeed, then go for it!  Indeed, will allow some new accounts and even some established accounts to advertise for free. However, they will start charging you at some point.  By offering free advertising Indeed has seen exponential growth, and this is one of the ways they can “hook” you in.  However, be aware that when you advertise a job for free, your job can quickly be buried under the PPC / paid-for adverts.  But if you can get it for free, for now, why wouldn’t you?


Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0113 322 7243

What is The Best Job Title?

Best Job Title for Google


Question:  How important is my job title when advertising online?  

Answer: Very! 

The Job Title is probably the most important part of your advert, getting it right or wrong will have a direct impact on who sees your job and the number of candidates you will receive.      

 Although the content does have some relevancy in getting your ad listed high in a search, it is the Job Title that carries the most weight.  

We’ve put together the three best tips, given to us by the job boards, to help you pick the perfect job title and ensure your advert appears at the top of all searches. 

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Why You Should Advertise On Reed

Advertise your jobs on Reed for Low cost

Reed took the brave step to stop posting their jobs to Indeed (over 2 years ago) and since then has been using it’s marketing budget to attract candidates from alternative sources to attract a different audience that you will find with the other job boards.

Flat Fee Recruiter is now working in partnership with Reed, to offer customers an alternative reach for candidates.

So, why should you advertise on Reed?

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