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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Flat Fee Recruiter’s ATS

Recruitment Technology
11 Things you didn’t know about Flat Fee Recruiter’s ATS
When you advertise a vacancy with Flat Fee Recruiter, you automatically get free access to Mr FFATS, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Mr FFATS is used to help you manage and track your applicants easily and conveniently via the web. But, did you know our ATS can do a number of other things too, to take your headache out of your recruitment? 1. Paper-less Recruitment Our ATS is an online platform that stores all your vacancies and all your applications, meaning you don’t have to spend time with endless Excel spreadsheets and emails. 2. Unlimited Number of Company Users Multiple managers can be set up to have access to all of your jobs or just specific vacancies - you choose! 3. Monitoring your Applicants You can move applicants quickly and easily between the recruitment ‘stages’ (i.e. Unsuccessful, Shortlist, Arrange 1st interview) and keep track of them throughout your campaign.  Meaning you only have to touch a CV once and you get to keep everything really organised 4. Communicating with Applicants You can send communication emails to applicants individually or en masse to keep your applicants up to date on their progress. Communication and engagement with applicants are incredibly important, click here for why & how to manage your recruitment communications.  The applicants also have access to their own online portal which tells them where they are in your process (as above stages). 5. Screening Applicants To speed up the time to hire, we can set up additional questions for the applicants to answer before they can complete your application i.e. Do you hold X qualification? Do you have Y years experience?  These can be used as "killer questions" which means that the candidate is alerted that they are not suitable for this particular role and you can screen your CV's faster. 6. Accessing all the Relevant Information You can download all CVs, Cover Letters and Question answers straight to your desktop or view them quickly in your browser. 7. Online Interview Booking Facility Mr FFATS integrates with Microsoft Office and Google to provide company users and applicants’ access to an online interview booking facility. This means you can organise and coordinate the interviews online and without the need for lots of missed telephone calls. 8. Career Site Options Mr FFATS also acts as a Careers Site, listing all vacancies on an online career page.  We can do this in your brand colours with your logo and company information or we can create a unique landing page just for you - the choice is yours. 9. Social Media Our ATS is also integrated with social media, so your roles can also appear on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Applicants can apply with their social profiles or from documents stored in drop box on their mobiles, this ensures that you don’t miss out on passive or “on-the-go” applicants. 10. Creating Reports We have a reporting function which allows you to monitor your recruitment campaigns i.e. monitoring how many applicants you receive and from which job board and the success of each vacancy. 11. First Time, On Time Mr FFATS is available 24/7, helping you to recruit the right person without pressure on your time or resources and of course, we are always here to help you in person. There are so many ways an ATS can streamline your recruitment process and improve the applicant experience, why not take our Applicant Tracking System for a test drive with your next vacancy or ask for an online demo:  [email protected] or 0113 322 7243 If you liked this, you may also like these articles from Recruitment Technology:
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