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What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

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What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Flat Fee Recruitment may also be called; Fixed Fee Recruitment or Flat Rate Recruitment.  The employer will pay a fixed rate for online recruitment advertising services.

There are many online recruitment suppliers who offer a range of services for a flat rate. However, Flat Fee Recruiter coined the term over 5 years ago, with a specific type of recruitment service in mind.  You can now find many online Flat Rate Recruitment providers offering services based on our concept.

In a nutshell, Flat Fee Recruitment is all about getting the widest coverage or advertising reach for a job advert at the most cost-effective price.  This is done by advertising employers jobs across all the best internet job board sites for a fixed fee.  The agency buys lots of space on numerous job boards, then bundles all the job boards together and re-sells them on as a combined package to the employer. 

The similarities between Flat Fee Recruitment providers stop here though. It is at this point you may want to find a supplier that not only advertises your jobs across the internet but one that can offer you a service too.  This service should go above and beyond what you will get from a job board.  It should ensure that your job adverts have the best chance of performing so that you stand the best chance of filling your job.  

This recruitment service may include; writing your adverts, managing your response, providing you with a recruitment system, monitoring your job adverts, dealing with applicant enquiries, building a talent bank, social media recruitment and helping you to improve your employer brand and recruitment communications.

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