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What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Flat Fee Recruiter Says
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What is Flat Fee Recruitment? Flat Fee Recruitment may also be called; Fixed Fee Recruitment or Flat Rate Recruitment.  The employer will pay a fixed rate for online recruitment advertising services.
There are many online recruitment suppliers who offer a range of services for a flat rate. However, Flat Fee Recruiter coined the term in 2012, with a specific type of recruitment service in mind.  You can now find many online Flat Fee Recruitment providers offering services based on our concept. In a nutshell, Flat Fee Recruitment is all about getting the widest coverage or advertising reach for a job advert and puts the employer in control of their hiring process and decisions. The Flat Fee Recruitment provider buys high volumes of space on a variety of job boards, then bundles these job boards together and provides these as a combined package to the employer.  The employer can then choose which candidates they want to progress with. The similarities between Flat Fee Recruitment providers stop here though...

What are the differences between Flat Fee Recruiters?

A true Flat Fee Recruitment supplier will not only advertise your jobs across the internet but will also offer you service too.  This service should go above and beyond what you will get from a job board and add additional value to your business. It should help you achieve 4 primary goals: 1. Ensure your adverts have the best chance of performing (reaching and engaging with all of the available talent in the market) 2. Take away much of the administration that is associated with in-house recruitment 3. Dovetail into your recruitment processes to minimise disruption and change 4. Reduce your cost per hire You should be confident that you have the best chance of filling your job, with the least amount of effort, as cost-effectively as possible.

What should a Flat Fee Recruitment Service include?

The service you receive from a Flat Fee Recruitment company should have a number of service options to help you achieve the above goals.  This may include; 1. Tailoring the right job boards for your specific vacancy 2. Writing your job adverts 3. Managing your response and screening CV's 4. Providing you with a recruitment system 5. Monitoring your job advert performance and making recommendations 6. Dealing with applicant enquiries in line with your brand 7. Building a talent bank 8. social media recruitment 9. Helping you to improve your employer brand and recruitment communications.

Why should I choose The Flat Fee Recruiter?

At Flat Fee Recruiter, we are driven to making our service the best in the industry and have worked with many of our customers since our launch date! With 7 years of experience in internet job advertising and online recruitment processes, (and after advertising thousands of jobs), we are in a great position to give you the best advice, based on fact and statistics. Our services and job board reach continues to evolve and offer our clients the right service they need for their business and budget. But most of all, we are really friendly and accommodating.  We are not pushy sales people and we want you to come back to us time and time again for a solution that works for you.  You won't be tied into contracts, so we think it is very important that your expectations are managed from the onset - otherwise, you won't come back!
Do you have a vacancy you are struggling to fill, or want a reliable way of generating candidates to your business?  Why not give us a quick ring on 0113 322 7243 and we can chat about whether internet job board advertising or Flat Fee Recruiter is right for you. If you liked this, you may also like these Flat Fee Recruiter ideas:
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