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The Benefits of Branded Application

Flat Fee Recruiter Says

Flat Fee Recruiter - Branded Application

Recruitment advertising is a hugely popular method of getting your job in front of the right people. You may come across a variety of companies who offer similar online job advertisement services. So which do you go for? How can you make the most out of online recruitment advertising? 

Benefits of Branded Application


There are two main ‘options’ available for online recruitment advertisement usually, these include:

• Branded
A branded advert is one which displays your logo and refers to your company in the body of the text, perhaps it has an 'about you' bio on there. 

• Standard 
A standard advert is one which does not display your company at all but rather advertises your vacancy in third person i.e. ‘our client...’ 

Of course, there are pros and cons to each. Naturally, a pro for branded is a con for standard and vice versa. For example, branded advertising will give you brand exposure so you can attract applicants who may be familiar with your company. However, you might also find you get some unwanted attention – if applicants know who you are, so do agencies...and competitors. You might get inundated with phone calls from agencies trying to get their foot in the door or you might be at risk of losing job seekers to your competition who might be advertising a similar job with a higher salary or better benefits. 

So, is there a better solution? 

At Flat Fee Recruiter, we actually offer a half-way house option between standard and branded advertising. We call it Branded Application and it is the perfect solution. 

What is Branded Application?

Branded Application is a popular middle option which offers the best of both worlds. The advert is written as a standard template, however, when an applicant clicks ‘apply’ they go to a fully branded application page. 

How does Branded Application benefit me?

You get both anonymity and exposure at the same time. Nifty huh?

The advert itself refers to the company as ‘our client’ and thus retains the anonymity you may be after. Your competitors don’t know it is you and neither do agencies so you can take full control of your recruitment campaign with no interruptions. And your competition can’t undercut you and steal your talent pool. 

At the same time, the applicant becomes aware of the hiring company once they hit ‘apply’. So before sending off their CV and Cover Letter / Application Form, the applicant can see who they are applying to and they can do their research and tailor their application accordingly. 

They also know who you are if/when you call back as standard advertising can be a little confusing to an applicant because they have no recollection of you or your brand (of course, they applied blind). More on this next week.

If you’d like to know more about our advertising packages get in touch on 0113 322 7243.

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