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3 Tips to get the Most out of your Flat Fee Recruitment Package

Flat Fee Recruiter Says
Using a Flat Fee Recruitment Solution such as Flat Fee Recruiter means that you have the advantage of utilising a low-cost online advertising service to attract the best quality applicants from the job boards.  To help you get the most out of your advertising campaign, we have devised these 3 tips to help you:
1.  Know the position you are recruiting for:
It may sound like common sense, but before embarking on any job board advertising campaign it is worth ironing out what the job is and what the candidate will be responsible for.  This will help our team create a really exciting and engaging advert for you.  It will also ensure that the types of people who apply for the job advert are the right kind of people for your business.
2. Know your internal recruitment process:
Who is going to look after the response and who is going to screen and select the CVs for an interview?  Who will be involved in the interview process and how long do you envisage your recruitment campaign to be?  When will you advise candidates that they have been successful?  By organising the process at the onset will allow for a much smoother recruitment drive.  Don’t forget; our team can work with you to make sure your recruitment advertising campaign fits into your business demands.  And if you require more support, we can advise you on additional products to help save you time.
3. Communicate on the quality of applicants you receive.
During the first week, your online advertising campaign may not have delivered the kind of quality applicants you were expecting.  If this is the case, then please let us know.  You will usually have a 28-day advert campaign and it is vital that we know if your advert is not performing to your expectations so that we can change it and keep changing it until we get the right response. We hope that these tips help and if you have any more then please let us know! If you like this post, you may also like these Flat Fee Recruiter ideas:
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