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We Heart Monster UK Recruiter...Forever.

We Heart Monster Jobs

Recruiting is hard. Really hard.  Unless you have the right tools and support...

In this article we answer the question:

What are the best job websites?
What is Monster Jobs?
Why should we advertise on Monster Jobs?
Why advertise a job on more than one job board?

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RIP Recruitment Agencies

RIP Recruitment Agencies

Now don’t get me wrong, there is always a place for a decent recruiter and I don’t wish every recruitment agency RIP – honestly.  But that’s the point; you have to be a decent recruiter in this day and age to survive!  Why should a Hiring Manager pay thousands of pounds for a basic service that, with a little creativity, could be managed with significantly less cost and hassle in-house?

Hiring Managers and in-house Recruiters are now wise to what they need.  They understand about recruitment strategies, they know how an ATS can improve their processes and they are keen to improve their employer brand to generate quality talent pools of referrals. The market is truly open to recruitment suppliers who can build partnerships with organisations to actually fill their jobs in the most efficient way – adding value to in-house processes rather than trying to replace or work around them.

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SEO: How to Get Your Job Advert Higher in Job Board Search Results

SEO for Job Adverts

Online recruitment advertising is all about getting your job seen by the right job seekers so that you have a healthy and quality pool of applicants to take to interview and ultimately hire. If you’re familiar with online recruitment you’ll know it’s very different to other traditional methods of recruitment advertising – it’s not enough to have a great job, salary and location but you also need to sell it in an advert...and then get it seen too!

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Introducing The Value of SEO in Your Recruitment

SEO in your Recruitment Jobs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to how visible a webpage is in a search engine result such as a Google Search. It’s all about getting seen by the relevant audience and coming up higher than your competitors in online searches. Taking the context of recruitment it is all about getting your job advert seen by the right job seekers by coming up high in job board and internet searches. This could play a pivotal role in attracting a nice selection of applicants to take to interview, and ultimately a well placed hire.

This article gives an overview of how SEO plays a role in your recruitment campaign and explains the basics of how it works and how you can be in a better position to make a successful hire.

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How Are These Top Christmas Job Adverts Relevant For Your Business?

Christmas Job Adverts

It’s that time of year again where the Christmas jobs come out in abundance. All the weird and wonderful of the winter workforce hits the internet and attracts hundreds of job seekers looking for a temporary job over the festive period.

But how is this relevant for you and how can you utilise this in your business? Let us first just have a look at some inspiration with our top 5 Christmas jobs we’ve spotted online recently:

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