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Tools to Improve Your Recruitment Communication

Recruitment Process
Tools to Improve your Recruitment Communication
Ensuring effective communication with your applicants is vital to a successful recruitment campaign. A simple email throughout the application process will improve many aspects of your recruitment efforts such as:
  • Keeping applicants warm & available
  • Reducing your recruitment administration
  • Improving internal hiring processes
  • Encouraging applicants to respond and engage
  • Protecting your company brand
  • Looking good as an employer
  • Increasing the number of referrals
  • Improving customer loyalty
Your Challenges
Are you bogged down and tied up with your inbox full CV’s and covering letters? Do you sometimes receive an email simply saying “I wish to be considered for this role” and you have no idea which role they are applying for? Or, do you have to spend time and effort manually storing and uploading information onto a spreadsheet? When we first spoke to them, many of our customers answered “yes” to the questions above.  However, once we demonstrated an alternative way of dealing with their applications, they were all surprised at how easy recruitment administration could actually be.
The Tools
Recruitment technology has evolved over the last decade and is no longer just limited to big corporations. There are an increasing number of suppliers who provide recruitment technology solutions to the small and medium sized business. Many recruitment systems can handle the whole communication process in one place, especially emails. Recruitment systems have the ability to design and store pre-set templates tailored to suit your needs. With a few clicks of the mouse, your applicants can be organised and emails sent, even in bulk. Want to let an applicant know a contact number to phone for an interview or attach a map to your office building? Not a problem. One of the added features of an online recruitment system is that it allows you to amend a template or add an attachment before sending your communication. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You may not feel the business needs to invest in a system, possibly due to low volume recruitment? This is why we include the Flat Fee Recruiter online system, as part of all your recruitment campaigns. We ensure templates for every part of the recruitment processing are included from the start, all of which you can tailor to suit your company brand. Depending on the length of your internal hiring process, you could lose potential talent, as applicants are snapped up by other organisations. Ensuring effective communications with all your applicants, from the beginning of the recruitment process, means that applicants are more likely to stay available for interview and subsequent job offers. Bear in mind, as mentioned in last week’s blog, it is very important to keep the candidates who are not successful informed too.  This will ensure your company and employer brand continues to remain positive in a competitive environment. It doesn’t have to be complicated, if you answered “yes” to the initial questions we asked at the beginning, it may be time to consider testing recruitment technology to relieve you of administration and improve your recruitment communications. Don’t forget Flat Fee Recruiter includes a simple and easy to use system with each recruitment advertising campaign.  We can provide a demo of the recruitment system too. Next time you need to fill one or more vacancies, why not get in touch? If you liked this, you may also like:
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