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Job Boards – Back to Basics

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Job boards what are they?
2018 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first job board.  In a very short period of time job boards have become instrumental in how an employer attracts candidates for vacancies.  And they have become the main avenue for people who are looking for jobs
For many companies, especially if you still use recruitment agencies, understanding job boards can seem an erroneous and confusing task.  So, as we talk about job boards all day, we thought it would be a great help to outline some of the key information relating to job boards.

Why should I advertise my jobs on a job board?

Firstly, did you know that they are the second most preferred method for recruiting, (after word of mouth)? Secondly, using job boards is much cheaper than using Recruitment Agencies or newspapers.  (Don’t forget, if you are looking for an even cheaper low-cost recruitment solution, then pick up the phone to us first.) Finally, as most candidates start their job search online & use an average of 3.5 job boards to conduct searches, you can reach out to a wide audience very quickly.  You can also get maximum penetration by using a number of job boards in the right combination.

What do these job board terms mean?

Job boards – Sites such as Monster, Jobsite, CV library,  These are Generic Job Boards. You can advertise any type of job directly on these sites. These sites will use different marketing methods to attract candidates direct to your jobs. Niche / Sector Specific Job Boards – These are industry or job specific.  Sites such as Retail Choice or IT Jobboard. Local Job Boards – Job Board sites like “My Jobs Group” A generic job board which you can advertise your jobs within defined geographical perimeters. Flat Fee Recruiting – Providing a multi-posting job board service to companies. Flat Fee Recruiter holds the contracts with the job boards.  They will write and advertise your job on the right combination of job boards for you for a very low cost. Job Board Aggregators – These sites, such as Indeed and Simplyhired, send out “web spiders” to find jobs on job boards and careers pages.  The information is then “aggregated” to create a website with lots and lots of different jobs. Job Board Posting Software – These systems allows a company to post your jobs to ALL the job boards with a just couple of clicks of your mouse.  You may have heard of Broadbean or ibidu?  Did you know that Flat Fee Recruiter has it’s own version too?
We hope this information helps you when considering the use of job boards as part of your recruitment strategy. Remember, If you still feel a little bit out of the water, want a cheaper recruitment solution or don’t want the hassle of advertising direct, please give the Flat Fee Recruiter a call on 0113 322 7243 & see how easy direct hiring really can be! If you like this post, you may also like:
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