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How can I optimise my careers page?

Marketing your Jobs

How can you optimise your careers page for success?

Paste the URL you were given, in as many places as you can, such as:

  • A link on your website.
  • Create a social media status update and encourage your staff to share and do this too.
  • Set up a targeted social media or search engine sponsored Pay Per Click campaign.
  • Share in your internal newsletter & email refer-a-friend schemes.
  • Put it on your signatures and across your team.
  • Add to other free job board sites that you may have already set up.
  • Take it offline with a shorter (like or a QR code if you are attending exhibitions or careers fairs.

What happens when the applicant clicks “apply” on your careers page?

  1. Applicants will enter their email address and password (this is either generated from the email we send them, or they create a new account)
  2. They will move through a couple of screens which requires them to give consent in line with GPDR and add their contact details, upload a cover letter or attach additional documents.
  3. The last page is all about answering the screening questions that you may have added.
  4. As they progress through the stages to complete their application, your branding and colours are visible throughout their entire journey.
  5. Once the candidate is fully registered they can see all their info, your job details and the current stage of their application with you.

And if you want to get really clever…

If you are using the link across different websites, you can track exactly where the applicants have come from by simply changing the source code on the apply part of the URL.  This will tell the Flat Fee Applicant Tracking System (FFATS) to update the applicant source field in the back end.  This means you can see which of your promotional efforts was most effective.

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Branded Vacancy Landing Pages.

Flat Fee Recruiter includes Branded Vacancy Landing Pages with every campaign.