PROTECT YOUR BRAND! Branded Adverts and Clear Communication


Protecting your brand has never been so important!

In this crazy world we now find ourselves in, never has there been a time when looking after customers has been as important.

The recruitment process within most businesses is probably the last place you think of when you think of customers, but we believe that anyone who touches your brand has the potential to influence the decision on whether a customer buys from you again, or not.

Not to mention that branding can attract better candidates! 

With this in mind, we have simplified the recruitment process to Two Simple Steps…


Step One: Branding Attracts Better Candidates!

Why is branding important? Does it really influence candidates? Well, according to our recent survey the majority of candidates do think it has an impact on whether they apply to adverts or not…


We are seeing a big shift in companies restructuring to become leaner and fitter for the future.  They are subsequently demanding more from the people they employ and are looking for the cream of the crop when hiring for new roles.

So, does it not make sense to use your brand to attract the best candidates to your business be seen ahead of your competition?


Step Two: Clear Communication Keeps Candidates and Potential Customers Happy! 

The facts…

It is often not a priority for businesses (or they do not have the processes in place to facilitate) the thanks and rejection required by candidates applying for jobs.  With increasing application rates and fewer jobs available however, we are moving into an employer led market, quickly.  The stats below speak for themselves…



Flat Fee Recruiter average application rate for this year:


As Candidates work harder to find employment, they will be keener than ever to know who they are applying to and where their application is sitting in your process. Not to mention they will probably be more verbal than ever if they have a negative feeling about a brand! So, it is important to be clear, open and honest throughout the whole of the recruitment cycle.


Transparency is key…

1.       Promote your company with amazing recruitment processes and communications to all the potential customers who touch your brand.  Driving maximum company profits through solid brand ethics.

2.       Save time with efficient processes and technology, so you are not bogged down with the increasing number of applications.

3.       Use your recruitment budget wisely to ensure the best cost per hire ratio and save money in these difficult times.


The answer…

1.       Advertise your vacancies, with your brand, at the most cost-effective rate possible.

2.       Design a branded and joined up recruitment journey.

3.       Plan your recruitment campaign: How is this going to be managed, by whom and when?

4.       Use technology and efficient screening processes to filter out candidates who do not meet your criteria, so you can concentrate on the ones who do, but still maintain a positive brand image.

5.       Respond and deal with all candidates as potential customers.


The next step…

The Flat Fee Recruiter team have spent nearly a decade building efficient attraction and recruitment processes for organisations, taking away many of the headaches but allowing full control and transparency.

Our objective is to promote your vacancies to the widest reach possible, for the lowest cost and improve your brand integrity at every opportunity with an effective recruitment journey  - so that you can hire the best people with the least amount of resources.


Why not speak to a member of our friendly team today on 0113 322 7243 and find out how you can attract, recruit and build a robust employer brand?  Our prices start at just at £249 +VAT per campaign, so you will probably be saving money too!


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