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Careers Pages With Every Advert

Careers Pages With Every Advert

Engaging with applicants and getting them all revved up about your company can be hard work - especially when you are competing with lots of other similar jobs on the internet.

This is why Flat Fee Recruiter has designed a bespoke career landing page to accompany all job adverts. 

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How do Applicant Tracking Systems Make Screening CVs Easier?

Applicant Tracking Systems:  Screening CV's

Recruitment technology / AKA: Applicant Tracking Systems might sound expensive and techy and an additional thing to think about...but it isn’t! Honestly! Applicant Tracking Systems can be inexpensive and are an absolute lifesaver in terms of saving time and money on your recruitment. So what is an Applicant Tracking System and how can it help you recruit smarter?  

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Get Control of Your Recruitment With Mr FFATS

 Get Control of Recruitment with an Applicant Tracking System

Meet MR FFATS – he’s a game changer!

We have developed a fantastic new IT system that is making recruiting staff even easier. It’s been designed specifically for SMEs recruiting between 20-60 staff per year. The Flat Fee Applicant Tracking System – or Mr FFATS as we like to call him – has been tested by a range of companies nationwide over the past three months and is now being rolled out. 

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Careers Pages - Getting Started

Careers Pages for Jobs

Brill, you have your shiny new careers page for your vacancies, but what exactly is a careers page and what can you do with it?

Getting started:

You can see what your instant careers page looks like by clicking the link we sent you in your set-up email. We hope that you agree that it’s is a fresh and clean looking page, that is in line with your brand, sets your jobs apart and encourages applicants to apply.  

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INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems for SMEs

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems for the SME

Applicant Tracking Systems (sometimes known as Recruitment Dashboards, Recruitment CRM or Recruitment Software Systems) is a really handy recruitment tool for all businesses.  They don’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to recruit often either.  So,

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

A software platform where your jobs and candidate applications are stored in one place.   Allowing you to streamline your recruitment process and advertise jobs quickly.   

There are hundreds of benefits to having an Applicant Tracking System, below we have created an infographic to highlight some of the top 10 reasons.

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