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Flat Fee Recruiter Offers Branded Advertising

Did you know you can now have fully branded advertising with Flat Fee Recruiter?  We are really excited about being able to offer our customers the choice - as there are not many players in our market who can.

Why should you consider a fully branded recruitment advert?

For most companies having an agency style advert on the job board sites will generate the quality and quantity of applicants required to fill their vacancies.  This will look like "Our client is a ....." and carry the agency brand.  However, if you have a strong brand presence in the market or you want to increase the visibility of your company or recruitment campaign, then a fully branded advert may just be the ticket.

According to the job boards, job seekers are potentially more likely to apply to adverts that are branded by a company rather than an agency.  Although our last job seeker survey identified that the company brand wasn't a big consideration when applying for jobs, the value of having your logo and company name at the top of job board search engines will undoubtedly increase awareness of your vacancy to your target audience.

What does fully branded recruitment advertising look like?

A fully branded recruitment advert will carry your name, company logo and on some boards, it will also include some content and images from your website.  Everything is branded as your company.  The applicant will not even know that Flat Fee Recruiter exists.  We will even create a fully branded landing page so that when the candidates click apply their experience is seamless with your brand and you can really start to engage with them.

Where will my advert be published?

We want to keep your advertising as cost effective as possible, but still give you the right amount of reach to attract the best candidates.  We have chosen 3 of the leading job boards that give you the widest mix of recruitment marketing:  Total Jobs, CV Library and Reed.

How much will fully brand advertising cost?

Our flat fee recruitment rate for fully branded advertising is just £349 +VAT.  This includes all set up with the job boards, art work and branded careers page.  You can save up to 25% by purchasing credit for your adverts.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get your company brand in front of millions of job seekers then please give our team a call on 0113 322 7243 or just post your job and we will get cracking!

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