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Debunking six myths of the application process

Debunking six myths of application process

One of the latest buzzwords in recruitment is ‘applicant experience’.  All of a sudden, employers have woken up to the fact that if they don’t keep their applicants happy – or at least communicate with them and treat them as real people – then the consequences can be far reaching!

Thanks to social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as good old fashioned word of mouth, applicants that don’t feel you’ve made the effort with them can quickly turn against you and make sure all of their network knows how they feel. 

So what are the six ‘applicant experience’ truths that you might need to face up to? 

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How to communicate with jobseekers that don’t know they have applied to your job

How to communicate with candidates

In today’s modern recruitment market it is very easy to just click “apply” to every job you like the look of.  Gone are the days when job seekers kept a list of all the places they applied to and gone are the days when all the applicants who applied for your job knew who they were applying for.

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How to tell an applicant they didn’t get the job

Unsuccessful Application

Communicating with applicants is a vital part of the recruitment process that often gets overlooked. It isn’t just important to let your successful applicants know that they’re invited to interview, or that have received a job offer but it is also important to tell the unsuccessful applicants that you won’t be proceeding with their application. In order to explain why and how to tell someone that they didn’t get the job, first let’s look at the place of communication in the recruitment process in general.

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Love your Applicants this Valentine’s Day

Love your Applicants on Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day we’re going to take you through the applicant journey and give you a perspective of all the different areas you could really impress your applicants. There’s so much more to the applicant journey than just the bit where they submit their details to you. Loving your applicants throughout the whole recruitment process will provide measurable benefits to your organisation - more about this later.

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5 Tools to Improve Your Recruitment Process

5 Tools to Improve your Recruitment Process

Achieving a 100% direct hire approach to your recruitment can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you use recruitment agencies or you have Line Managers who all have their own approach to hiring. However, there are some great bits of tech that can really help you streamline and reduce the amount of administration involved. Below we’ve listed our top 5 tools to improve your recruitment process:

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