FFR Launch Social Recruitment!

Sponsored Job Adverts on Facebook

With a staggering percentage of applicants using social media as part of their job hunt, Flat Fee Recruiter is pleased to announce full utilisation of social media in the recruitment process, these include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  This is proving to boost the number and quality of applications for our customers.

Turning to social media is not only convenient and very accessible for applicants but employers who embrace social recruiting i.e. develop and execute a strategy to use social media sites as part of their recruitment, see an increase in the quality of applications they receive. This is because applicants can learn about the business, the role and the company’s values by engaging with them on social media prior to being considered for a role. In sum, businesses that utilise social media in this way are able to harness relationships with potential employees at a much earlier stage in the recruitment process.

The possibilities to engage with existing and potential employees is vast and employers are demonstrating some very creative ways of using the platforms to benefit them in areas such as; increased brand awareness, higher staff retention, efficient referral schemes and manageable talent pools.

Flat Fee Recruiter is now not only able to take your position and advertise it on 40+ leading specialist, local and generalist job boards, but also promote and engage with your potential applicants on all the leading social recruiting websites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook included in the same fixed fee recruitment cost of just £269 (+VAT).  Oh, and did we mention that our new mobile-friendly site means that applicants can effectively apply for your vacancy straight from their mobile device? See here for more information on mobile recruitment.

In addition to sharing your jobs on these social media channels, we can also do more specific and targeted campaign across facebook.  This means that you get your jobs advertised on Facebook and includes setting the campaign up, graphics, engagement with potential talent and measurement of the campaign.  If you would like a brochure on how this will work, please email  or call us on 0113 322 7243 today.

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