Recruitment and Memes

 That Face You Make When Your Boss Asks you for Creative Recruitment Campaign

Increasing numbers of employers are using social media to help promote their vacancies to their target audiences.  Some of the latest reports indicate that as many as 95% of organisations are using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to attract, engage and recruit talent.

How are employers using social media to recruit?

Some of the ways may include publishing live vacancies on twitter feeds, company pages, in groups or on status updates.  Some companies are creating communities of potential hires in groups or subgroups where they can engage with potential talent and culture match. Other organisations are using social media to headhunt or poach from competitors.

Because of the increasing popularity of social recruiting one thing is certain, it is getting more difficult to get your message heard by the right job seekers.  There is noise, lots of noise and if you want to effectively push your vacancy(s) via social media, you need to think about how you can make it stand out from the crowd.

One very effective way to do this is with visuals.

Images and video content have taken 2014 by storm.  It is no surprise considering that visuals are transmitted to the brain sixty thousand times faster than text.  In this noisy, incredibly fast world we live in, not only do visuals tell the story quicker, but they are more likely to be shared and go viral.  Oh, and they also attain a much higher click-through or conversion rate on the web too.

So, how can you turn your recruitment campaign into a visual?  There are hundreds of ways to do this.  You could use company images or culture style images to tell the story; you could create a short video, design an infographic or a quick visual challenge.  Check out “creative recruitment campaign” in your image browser and view the huge numbers of examples or watch out for future blog posts here.

Today, we are just going to talk about memes.

If you haven’t heard of a meme, the definition on Wikipedia is “an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person”.  They may be images or videos but may also be links, words, phrases or hashtags. You want a meme to spread virally; after all, it is what it is designed to do.  Quite often they are high jacked (meme-jacked) by marketers for their own marketing campaigns as the hard work has already been done.  Finally, one thing they all have in common is humour.

If you want to know more about creating and jacking memes, check out hubspot.  Here you will find a concise guide on what to do and what not to do and everything in between.  For some more inspiration, check out “recruitment memes” via your image search engine too.

To get you started and thinking about how memes could be used in your recruitment campaign, the Flat Fee Recruiter team have created some recruitment memes. We had a lot of fun doing them but let’s see if we can get some results.  We will let you know how they get on. Don’t forget to send us your memes too to

Accounts Meme
Admin Applicants Meme
Graduate Experience Meme
Java Progammer Meme
Laboratory Technician Meme
Software Developer Meme
With Commission Meme
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