Recruitment Options and Impact of COVID 19

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It is no surprise to anyone to hear that it is a tough jobs market at the moment.  Job opportunities are up and down as employers try and cover resource gaps in an environment that changes on a sixpence and one that is not evenly distributed throughout the UK.  The unemployment rate is going up but demand for staff varies considerably by sector.  Candidates that were in high supply in Jan 2020 are now like unicorns’ teeth and jobs that were impossible to fill pre-COVID have now got more quality applications than ever seen before.


So, what does it all mean for you?

Regardless of your recruitment skill level and internal resource to hand, this type of recruitment market can be almost impossible to manage.  How can you ensure you attract the right people to your business?  How can you take advantage of a growing candidate market with limited time and money to pump into recruitment?  Should you be paying a Recruitment Agency to find them or looking at your own employer brand & jobs promotion?


There are lots of things you could do…

1. Place an advert on Indeed.  Work out the whole PPC process. Wade through a tonne of rubbish CV’s.  Deal with click happy, non-committed candidates.

2. Go direct to a job board. Figure out all the category fields and idiosyncrasies that each job board has.  Write an ad that ticks every SEO box.   

3. Jump onto social media. Get your network to share jobs.  Work out where all the relevant groups are.  Wonder whether boosting would work.

4. Find a supplier that can give you coverage on job boards, social media and indeed whilst writing adverts that tick the SEO box. Get a third party to sift through CV’s & communicate with candidates on your behalf and let them take care of all the admin including boosting and maintaining the performance of your adverts.  


There are lots more options, but there is one thing that ALL these options have in common.  They all cost roughly the same.  

Depending on the job, I would not be happy paying more than £300 - £1,000 for anyone in today's market.  This shift in the economy and jobs market has the potential to really change the recruitment landscape, but only if suppliers can offer time and money-saving services coupled with successful results.  

The traditional recruitment agency model means that 80% of a recruiter’s time is non-income generating.  Sure, they are doing potentially income-generating tasks.  But they must make up this cost by charging the few companies who do hire, that “lost” time.   

The only option that saves you time as well as money and ensures that your job and employer brand is best positioned in the market, is option 4.  


Interested to know more?

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