National Social Care Recruitment Campaign

COVID-19 Recruitment Care

If you are in the care sector, then you have probably heard what the government is doing to help you recruit and induct care staff. In case you missed it, you can catch up with the press release here.


Where does Flat Fee Recruiter come in?

The 3 core Job Boards that are included in our standard package – Reed, Total, and Monster are all pledging their support with the campaign. We want to use our skills, tech, and resources to support this campaign and offer you as much help that you require - TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.


The Facts: 

1. More places to advertise = more resource required to write and place adverts

2. More adverts and reach = more candidates

3. More candidates = more admin time filtering and interviewing


The Solution:

Just give Flat Fee Recruiter a call/email before the 19th May 2020 and we will:


1. Write your best advert for the internet

2. Publish your advert across Reed, Total Jobs, Monster and the DWP website

3. Filter your candidates based on your key criteria*

4. Forward these candidates to your inbox (or you can use our nifty online recruitment system)*

5. You interview and hire who you ever you want.


All this is for FREE!    There is no catch!


Why are we doing this?

For 2 reasons:

1. We want to share our resources, tech, and skills in this unprecedented time and feel that we really have something to offer the care sector, to help the country.

2. We hope that you will like us and what we do.  We would like to build a partnership with you for the long term.  However, we do appreciate that this is not guaranteed and you may only need a short term solution, so the first reason is still our primary focus. 


Next step

Should you wish to discuss this in more detail and get the ball rolling, please give us a call on 0113 322 7243 or complete our COVID-19 contact form and we will be in touch. 


Thanks for your time and stay safe! 


* Please note that due to the popularity of this offer and the resource we have available, it may not be possible for us to filter and manage all the candidates for you, for every campaign.  We will try our best to do as much as possible for you, but please bear with us.