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Love our Recruiter Customers

There is nothing more rewarding at work than hearing from a customer who is really happy with a service you have delivered.  One of the reasons the team at Flat Fee Recruiter love working here, is that sense of reward and the belief that what they provide really is a "no-brainer".

 When you consider the large number of customers that Flat Fee Recruiter services every day; writing adverts, posting their adverts and then helping to make to make their talent flow as efficient as possible, you would expect a small percentage of them to be just a little bit unhappy (we are in the recruitment industry after all).  But with 100% of customers saying that our service is good or excellent in the last 3 months… we hardly ever hear a bad word.

Now, we are not saying we are perfect and of course, in some cases, a customer may not have been able to fill their job via the job board advertising service we provide (82% of customers do).  But, by being honest & realistic from the outset and providing the best service we can, to support their advertising campaigns, our customers remain loyal and our referral rate continues to rise (check out what they say here), not to mention that we feel great too.

So, we would just like to send a bit of love to all our customers, thank them all for being so great and let them know how much we appreciate their business.  After all, we wouldn’t be in business without you!  Thanks, heaps everyone x