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Recruiting in December: Two Campaigns for the Price of One

Advertise jobs in December
We have done some statistical analysis and found some myth-busting evidence for why you SHOULD be recruiting in December!

There is a common misconception that applicant numbers decrease over the Christmas period for one reason or another.  But, when we looked into it, we found that the number of applications stayed consistent in correlation to the number of jobs we advertised, regardless of the month.

Moreover, with an increase of potential employees on annual leave at Christmas, there is ample opportunity to ensure that your vacancies are in front of top talent, as they have more leisure time to be able to search and apply for jobs.

To ensure that you do not miss out on these great applicants, Flat Fee Recruiter is pleased to announce an amazing December 2018 Offer.

Advertise a job with us before the 21st December and we will re-advertise it FREE OF CHARGE again in January 2019!

That’s two campaigns for the price of one AND it means that you get all the Christmas and New Year applications too.

With this in mind, a free advert in January could offer you substantial savings over what is a tight time for many organisations, as well as bring in all those ‘New Year, New Career’ applicants too.

Be quick though!  Get your vacancy in today so that it can run the full month of December and claim your free January posting too.

Finally, don’t forget that Flat Fee Recruiter is always on hand to help. We work hard to ensure your recruitment campaigns are attractive, in front of the right people and that you are supported throughout the process.

Just post your job today or call us for more information on this fantastic deal today on 0113 322 7243 or email us

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